As all of us on the web are trying to crack the SEO riddle while the algorithims keep being updated and modified, it’s nice to know as  an online marketer which elements of SEO one should really focus on or another words what does Google value the most and the least.  Well SearchEngineLand recently produced an easy to read Periodic Chart which displays the various factors that engines measure and it even assigns a value to each factor so that one can understand how important it really is for SEO.  Cool!!  I think this will be the first periodic chart that I actually remember as the one I memorized in 8th grade is way too far back in the recesses of my head these days.  Anyway, please use this chart for a better understanding of what to focus on.

In regards to On Page SEO tactics, the chart clearly assesses the most value to Content as the three factors under Content (excluding the 4th) add up to the highest value while HTML is 2nd.  This is really no surprise, but it sure does spell out while content marketing is all the rage these days and why you had better be on your game.  In regards to the Off Page SEO tactics, I think it is safe to give the nod to links as we all know that is really the big one.  Now the great thing about this chart is that it even goes into some of the negative factors that can get one in trouble in SEO, so be sure to take a close look at those as they can be quite costly.

Please enjoy this chart and a big thanks to the folks at