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SEO Overview for Your Company: DIY (do it yourself SEO)

SEO Management DIY The following is our Local SEO/SEO management outline, for clients (like yourself) looking to improve your search results on Google, and hopefully be on page #1. This outline should give you some clear insight into our very basic SEO strategy and methodology. Auctus Marketing Auctus Marketing is a Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing ... Read more

How Voice Search is Changing Local SEO & Search

People are looking for local businesses like yours by asking their smartphones. If you market your small business, you already know how important SEO is. Local SEO is one of the most important small business marketing tactics to understand for anyone trying to get their site to the top of Google’s rankings, but it’s a complicated subject ... Read more

Where Did My Facebook Go?

  Buffer, the maker of a social media management platform, released its findings from an analysis of 43 million Facebook Page posts. This data is definitely not good news for small businesses that rely on this channel to help grow their brands and try to reach new customers, nor is it great news for Facebook as ... Read more

Things That Really Matter for Any Business’ SEO Strategies

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the many ways of marketing on the internet and it is becoming synonymous with content marketing. How effective a business’ SEO is, depends on many different factors. At the end of the day, every online business, small or big, needs to have a proper SEO strategy in order ... Read more

Company Culture Tips- Your Next Best Move Could Be a Hammock

Well you definitely don’t hear that every day right? I mean what on earth does a hammock have to do with running a business and trying to make it successful? A few years ago, (hang with me), I was running a local start up with two friends and our main product was auto insurance. Essentially, we ... Read more