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The Necessary Ingredients in SEO

As all of us on the web are trying to crack the SEO riddle while the algorithims keep being updated and modified, it's nice to know as  an online marketer which elements of SEO one should really focus on or another words what does Google value the most and the least.  Well SearchEngineLand recently produced ... Read more

2013 The Year of Content Marketing

  The results are in from two more studies that show content marketing is once again at the the top of the list of marketing priorities for companies this year.  Companies are realizing that content is the real pull in today's online marketing world and the ones that do a great job of it by creating ... Read more

Are Tablets Really Driving Online Traffic Today?

  Adobe released its Digital Index earlier this month and I am still astonished of the fact that tablets are driving more global online traffic than smartphones.  Wow!  I never would have guessed this one as walking around the city or even outside of the city, smartphones seem to be the most common device.  These results ... Read more

Web Design Trends for 2013

I viewed this piece the other day and really enjoyed it.  I am passing it along to y'all as it sheds an accurate look at design trends of 2012, and looks forward of course with some predictions for 2013.  I don't think that too much of this will be of any big surprise to most, ... Read more

Brand Marketing Basics- 5 Lessons from the Farmer’s Market

Doesn't it seem so nice and pleasant when you visit your local farmer's market?  The vendors all greet you with a warm smile and they offer free samples which are so hard to refuse because they all look so tasty.  Before you know it, you have spent probably more money than you expected, but you ... Read more