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Local Search Insight: Don’t Miss Your Local Listing!

  The importance of Local SEO for small businesses in cities is vital to stay ahead of their competition as well as to simply be found.  I was chatting with a friend the other day about his Local SEO tactics and it reminded me of a somewhat recent report that highlighted the cost of having incorrect ... Read more

The Best Free Marketing Tool You Don’t Use

As an online marketing professional who helps companies with their online marketing needs (SEO, social media, mobile marketing, etc.), I have noticed an interesting and somewhat alarming trend in the online marketing world.  I have found over the years that my clients for the most part consistently do not take advantage of Google's Webmaster Tools.  ... Read more

Product Marketing Lessons from the Gas Station

          With summer coming to a close in the next few weeks and the last big vacation weekend on the horizon, Labor Day (funny enough), there is still time for a few lasts splashes and kicks in the sand.  So as travel via the sky has become about as much fun as wet bread due to ... Read more

Defining SEO Today

Just read this post on SearchEngineWatch by Krista LaRiviere and wanted to pass it along. As SEO keeps changing and evolving, defining it has become somewhat of a challenge, but this should help. The way we market, sell and deliver SEO services has undoubtedly changed. Google's algorithm updates have made content marketing and social media the core ... Read more


Happy Spring everyone first of all!  It sure is nice to see that lovely sunshine and the fact that the sun isn't going down at 4pm anymore sure is a plus.  Anyway, I saw a very nice infographic which provides some pretty basic Video SEO basics which are essential.  This graphic is wonderful as it ... Read more