The results are in from two more studies that show content marketing is once again at the the top of the list of marketing priorities for companies this year.  Companies are realizing that content is the real pull in today’s online marketing world and the ones that do a great job of it by creating valuable and worthwhile content will draw attention and have a better chance of increasing their leads and sales.  Further,  this form of marketing is a lot more cost effective than traditional marketing methods, so companies should embrace this trend.  The online world has shaped consumer behavior immensely over the past decade and change is the only constant here.


Content Marketing


The second report below is very interesting for marketers out there who are trying to figure out what content marketing tactics they should employ.  Now of course before one even ventures into this they ought to recall some key fundamentals.  The key to doing this well is knowing what your company strengths are and understanding what your customers need.  Doesn’t this sound so easy and straightforward?  Well, it is really, but as we all know it takes a lot of practice as well as understanding what tools to use and of course measuring your results.  Like anything else in life, the more you practice and employ a well thought out strategy, your game will improve.  The marketers out there in the digital world did not get to the top of the Google search lists overnight just as say any athlete doesn’t just wake up one day and become a pro.  So take a look at this report below and good idea is to take a look at say a well known successful brand and see how they are utilizing these tactics.  This will help you to understand how they are positioning them, where they are promoting them on their site, blog and social media, and how they are interacting with their audience.


Best content ROI