Auctus Marketing



A Brand Strategy Agency for the Modern Digital World

Auctus Marketing is a digital branding agency that understands the modern online marketing landscape. We know that in order to stand out in today’s overcrowded digital marketplace, its critical to have a sound understanding of not only your target market & what makes your brand shine, but the various online social media and marketing tools too. We do this with intensive research and analytics, targeted messaging, organic SEO, and a robust, responsive approach to social media marketing.

From creative development to website design and outreach, our team of accomplished and highly-skilled digital marketing experts and consultants combine analytics with bold creative solutions to develop, nurture and maintain your unique brand in the digital space. We help your brand shine and get the attention it needs and deserves.

Branding and Website Design

In order for your business to flourish, it is absolutely essential that your company presents a unified, consistent voice at every level and across every platform. Our savvy web development team works side-by-side with you and our marketing experts to ensure that your website is intuitively crafted and consistent with your mobile and social online identity.

With fresh unique content, clean modern design, seamless navigation, brilliantly integrated SEO, and a focus on unparalleled user experience, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a website that reflects your company’s overall vision and produces real, measurable results.

We know Branding Inside and Out

A good branding and design agency knows that developing a brand is all about creating a positive experience for the user that sets your brand apart from the pack and creates loyal customers. We start by answering a few questions: “What sets your brand apart from your competition?” “What are your customers saying about your company?” “What are your customers’ specific needs, and how can we better address them?” We then develop a customized strategy to ensure that everything from your mobile website to your original content and social media voice is geared toward addressing these questions every step of the way.

Once your brand’s identity & message is firmly in place, our goal is to promote it to your target market, position it effectively, and attract interested visitors to your site. Since most people’s experience of your brand begins with a Google search, we start with building a sound SEO plan and architecture for your site and brand. Our SEO team is made up of talented and experienced online marketing professionals dedicated to pushing your company up to the top of the search result list. From new Google algorithms to major search engine data changes, we make it our personal mission to stay constantly up-to-date on the very latest in the expansive and ever changing field of SEO in order to deliver an SEO package that’s perfectly tailored to the needs of your specific brand.

Our commitment to producing results and our passion for cultivating unique digital marketing solutions have made us a top branding agency in Boston. Contact us today to learn what Auctus Marketing can do for your business.