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With a Boston SEO campaign from Auctus Marketing, your website will benefit from a well built on & off-site SEO foundation and architecture that is user-friendly, informative, conducive to transaction completion, and attractive to search engines and to your site’s visitors. We’ll build high quality links to your website, write effective content and title tags, and much more, always within the realm of white hat SEO in good taste.

The SEO tactics we use are vital in today’s competitive online market – you want to get the most out of the investment you’ve put into your website, and our team can make that happen. We’re experts in boosting our clients’ websites to the ranks of the Best of the Best – can your business afford not to take advantage of our SEO services?

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Running an aggressive, effective Boston pay per click (PPC) campaign is vital to driving highly qualified, targeted traffic to your website. Our team’s focus when managing your PPC campaign is to do exactly that in a way that is powerful, efficient and produces real results, ultimately increasing your online presence and your bottom line. Give your website an immediate boost by running an effective PPC campaign with Auctus Marketing!

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Web Design & Development

We start with planning, and follow it up with delivering ideas for an intuitive design that conveys your brand’s message in a clear, attractive format. We work with you to create concepts that reflect your brand and engage customers to perform actions that line up with your business goals. During the next phase, website development, the approved design of your website comes to life – whether you’re looking at eCommerce options or a service business, we’ll get an amazing first rate website developed and running using popular platforms like Joomla, Magento, WordPress, and others.

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Keyword Research


Keyword research is a critical component for your website’s search engine optimization, especially with Google’s recent Hummingbird update. The ins and outs of content are dynamic, evolving quickly as algorithms change, so the content you had on your website a couple of years ago isn’t going to make the impact that fresh, new, keyword-optimized content can. Auctus Marketing has a team of content and SEO experts that know how to do proper keyword research and discover the appropriate keyword phrases that are a best suited to attract visitors to your site. Keyword research is the process of determining which words and phrases your target audience uses to search for exactly what you offer, and which keywords are the most relevant to your website. It’s a complex process that requires multiple tools, testing and a team with experience.

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Social Media


It’s critical that your business has an effective online presence in today’s marketing world to move ahead and stay ahead of your competitors. Social media and social media marketing have evolved into a key component of that marketing world – but if you’re new to social media services, don’t worry. We can provide all the assistance you need with campaigns, advertising and more.

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Public Relations

Public relations services have expanded and developed over the years into a critical component of effectively growing your brand. The top PR firms in Boston will tell you that if you’re not leveraging public relations, your business is missing out on a powerful, efficient way to generate more traffic to your site. Without a strong public relations campaign, your business is also missing out on critical sales leads, potential partnership opportunities, and new business opportunities. At Auctus Marketing, our years of experience with PR work can help you build an effective strategy.

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In order for your business to flourish, it is absolutely essential that your company presents a unified, consistent voice at every level and across every platform. Our savvy web development team works side-by-side with you and our marketing experts to ensure that your website is intuitively crafted and consistent with your mobile and social online identity.

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