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Where Did My Facebook Go?

  Buffer, the maker of a social media management platform, released its findings from an analysis of 43 million Facebook Page posts. This data is definitely not good news for small businesses that rely on this channel to help grow their brands and try to reach new customers, nor is it great news for Facebook as ... Read more

How to Increase Your Online Visibility

Simple Effective Ways to Get Free Backlinks According to recent studies, around 50% of purchase orders, whether goods or services, start with submitting a query to a search engine. People also rely more and more on online reviews about a particular business and being available and helpful to your customers on social media is something that ... Read more

How a Small Local Business Went from Good to Great Using Local SEO

One of my clients who started his own personal fitness business a little over a year ago has done an excellent job at promoting his business online as well as engaging and growing his online audience.  For this post, I thought it would be interesting for other small business owners and marketers to learn a ... Read more

So How Much is the #1 Google Search Result Worth?

In case you did not view this data from Chitika, it clearly shows how important it is to be on the first page of Google's search results.  9 out of 10 people (90%!!) are satisfied with that first page of Google's search results and only 1 out of 10 decides to take a look at ... Read more

Is Your Service Remarkably Good or Bad?

When was the last time you had really great service or even poor service?  I was thinking about this earlier today when I pulled into a full service gas station which I rarely do.  Anyway, the gentleman was cordial and asked what type of gas and if he should fill it up and the transaction ... Read more