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Local Search Insight: Don’t Miss Your Local Listing!

  • Apr 2014
  • Christian

  The importance of Local SEO for small businesses in cities is vital to stay ahead of their competition as well as to simply be found.  I was chatting with a friend the other day about his Local SEO tactics and it reminded me of a somewhat recent report that highlighted ...

The Best Free Marketing Tool You Don’t Use

  • Mar 2014
  • Christian

As an online marketing professional who helps companies with their online marketing needs (SEO, social media, mobile marketing, etc.), I have noticed an interesting and somewhat alarming trend in the online marketing world.  I have found over the years that my clients for the most part consistently do not take ...

Is Your Service Remarkably Good or Bad?

  • Jan 2014
  • Christian

When was the last time you had really great service or even poor service?  I was thinking about this earlier today when I pulled into a full service gas station which I rarely do.  Anyway, the gentleman was cordial and asked what type of gas and if he should fill ...

4 Questions Every Ecommerce Company Must Answer

  • Dec 2013
  • Christian

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Ross Beyler, the head of Growth Spark in Cambridge, and he shared with me his thoughts on how companies in today's online world can be successful.  What I liked about his philosophy is that it is very simple to employ for any online ...

Selling in an Online World- The New Art of Listening

  • Nov 2013
  • Christian

Anyone remember their first sale? Isn't kind of remarkable how much has changed in the past decade and some. Back in my early to mid twenties, I had a laptop for sales presentations and I used to have to dial in with a phone cord to access the snail like ...