The other day I was in a discussion with some marketing peers and we were discussing blogging, best practices, and the question arose “Does a blog need to be a certain amount of words for Google to deem it worthy?” This is a great question and actually one that arises a fair amount with some of my clients and in the industry. I patiently listened to a lot of the responses as some were certain that your blog had to have at least 600 words or 300 words for Google, some were emphatic that its more a question of your authority on the subject and how Google views you, and a few were more inclined to think that bloggers should really just focus on quality. These responses all sounded pretty legitimate and I was somewhat surprised at how sure some people were of their opinion as well as the general actual doubt in knowing the real answer.

Blog Size

The Long & Short of It-
The interesting thing about blogging is that size does not matter. Google could actually care less about the length of your blog post; it cares more about quality. This of course has to do with recent updates which focus more on authority which has to do with how many people are reading your posts as well as linking with high ranking sites in your market segment. Additionally, it is always a wise practice to focus on one keyword per post and use it at least 3% in the overall post (keyword density). So content marketers out there make sure you focus on quality rather quantity which i know most of you are doing. After all, the single most important thing we can achieve or do in the service industry is provide value. I would also suggest that you add a picture in your post as well, since blogs with pics do get a higher number of views.

Happy Blogging!
~ Christian