If you want your product or service to reach the minds of the general audience, then online advertising is one of the most vital steps your business must take. With the degree of internet usage in the current year, online advertising is indispensable. But, that also means other organizations will be imposing advertisements as well. When competing with the myriad of competitors, your advertisement must not only be eye-catching but also appealing and interesting, enough to grasp the attention of the average internet surfer with a single glance. If your objective is to learn how to write ads that can better compete against your competitors and earn those precious clicks, then this guide is for you.

How Google AdWords works
When making an advertisement for Google using AdWords, you are required to fill in some details. These details include a headline, Description line 1, Description line 2, display URL, device preference, and final URL. The key to making the perfect ad is to fill in these details with content that encourages maximum conversion. The details of which will now be detailed.

Use eye-catching Headlines
While it is true that content is what matters most, to the average viewer, that content has no significance if it does not catch their eyes. While browsing through the internet, it is incredibly easy to miss content amongst the endless stream of information presented to you. No one has the time or energy to carefully inspect and go over the various adverts they will be presented with. So, the first and possibly the most vital step for your advertisement is to have eye-catching titles. If your titles are uniform and uninteresting, the target audience will subconsciously associate them with uninteresting content. No matter how good your deals are or how superb your services are, they are meaningless if the user is not interested enough to find out.

Make the perfect Descriptions
After you have made an eye-catching title, you have caught the attention of the viewer. They are now willing to read the details of the advertisement. However, this does not mean that they will click just yet. Before checking an ad, a viewer will want to know whether this advert is really worth their time. This is where the Description line 1 and Description line 2 are required. Once you have gathered their attention with the heading, they have been hooked. You have to use the description lines to reel them in to secure the catch. In these fields, you must fill them with information that is informative, interesting, engaging, and incentivizing. However, it would be a mistake to use both lines of descriptions in the same way. Each line has a specific purpose and must capitalize on the 35-word limitation imposed on the ads, which is not to say that you should make your ads wordy.
Description Line 1:
In this line, you should write the details of your product or service. What kind of benefits it gives, what makes it unique or why you should choose this over the competitors. Even though you have 35 characters to use, make sure you use as few as possible. Online Ads must be fast and effective to account for the fast nature of internet browsing.
Description Line 2:
This line is the closing line of your advert and should be the line that secures the conversion. This can give further information about the product or service you offer, but it is more recommended to use this line as a mean to incentivize your customers into converting. This can be done by showcasing offers, showing favorable statistics or by making promises and guarantees.
By using headlines and description lines effectively, you can make your ads appealing to the common users. However, there is an art to the presentation and choice of words to maximize conversion. To guarantee the highest conversion, employ the following steps.

Know your Audience
Before structuring your advertisement, it is absolutely necessary to know whom you are targeting. Be it overweight people, single mothers, smokers, lonely people etc., your advertisement’s structure, wording visuals, everything changes based on the people you target. Unfortunately, for most products, it is almost impossible to create an ad so generalized that it can appeal to everyone. Doing so can run the risk of making your advert too generic to stand out among the countless competition. So, it is always best to create a focus to base your advertisements on.
Use Words that Generate more Conversion
When making your ad, it is a fact that the words you use heavily impacts your number of conversion. To generate better rates of conversion, make sure you experiment with words based on your target consumers to create ads that generate the best number of conversion.

The use of power words and engaging visual stimuli
Suppose you are making an advert that intends to grasp the user’s convictions. These words and visual stimuli carry weight and can bring out the inner convictions of the user to secure conversion. These are especially effective if your advert is about services, politics, or social movements. Words like “Change”, “You”, “Hope”, “Believe” etc. are words that move people and engage them to click on the ads to see more. Visual symbols of the same nature include imagery of birds, trees, chains and much more. So if you want to improve your conversion, it is best to employ these words and imagery based on your type of advertisement.

Trigger the Emotions of your Viewers
Another very effective method to grasp the attention of internet browsers is to trigger an immediate emotional response in them. These could both be positive emotions or negative ones. Suppose were to advertise a healthy body. You can approach this in two ways, one is to show how a fit body is appealing, or how an overweight body is an object of disgust. In the former method, a user might be interested if they already had an interest in a fit body, but the latter instills a demand, a need to change oneself and to improve within the viewers. Thus, even those who have had no interest in working on their fitness will now want to strive for a better body. Emotional triggers might be one of the most effective ways of advertising due to how emotional the average internet user is. So make sure you trigger emotions like anger, hope, disgust, optimism etc.

When creating an ad, you must always make sure that your advert is always interesting, eye-catching, and engaging, but most important of all, your ad must be unique. You can make an extremely engaging advert but without the spice of uniqueness, it will just become blended into the mass of other adverts available in the net. By following the steps and tips mentioned in this article, your adverts will smart, engaging, unique and will generate the most conversion. To get the perfect ad, you will face a lot of trial and error for which you must be prepared. But, at the same time, it is best to make sure that your advert stays true to your product or service and does not misinform or misdirect the viewers. At the end of the day, conversion is not worth your ethics.