Part 1 – How to Improve your Google Ad Quality Score

An easy way to understand how an Ad or a website is working is to check the contents quality score. A quality score lets the user know about the reach of the content, how relevant the keywords are and how well the campaign is working. A good quality score allows the content to be passed at a cheaper price but at the same time provides a wider reach because of its relevant key-wording. Knowing the score will let the user be sure of where to improve and where not to waste money. That is why a good quality score for you Ad or website if of key importance and there are various ways by which you can achieve a higher quality score.

What Affects the Score:
To understand how quality score works an individual should know which factors make or break the score. The historical data of the ad is an important factor to determine the score of a website because it shows the number of times a website or an Ad were visited. Knowing how to effectively use relatable words is also one of the most crucial steps to increase your score. The more relevant the word the more likely that the content will end up on the first page when searched for the topic. An effective group of keywords will let the users find the content easily among the hoards of existing contents. Another important factor is the number of times an Ad is being clicked which gradually increases the score. Usually known as the click-through rate (CTR) which determines how similar the keywords are to the content that is usually searched in Google. By knowing these factors and knowing which ones to target the developer will be able to easily grasp the concept of increasing the score of the quality.

Group Your Ads Accordingly:
It is very simple that each of your content on any websites will have a distinct and separate audience. Based on the content group your ads wisely. This will help in increasing the score. By specifying separate campaigns for Ads you will be able to attract more customers as they will be going to relevant topics that you have designed. When making groups of ads make sure the keyword is reflecting the topic itself.
Grouping ads with similar keywords will allow the developer to be more specific as a result the general users will click on such ads as those ads will be relevant to the topic they searched for. There are various software’s available that generates similar keywords that can be used to group ads with pertinent content.

Know Which Keywords to Use:
The internet is ever evolving. Whatever was trending yesterday will not work for today. So in order to know which words will be effective, it is a good step to do proper research. That way the developer will know which words are working and where to use those words.
It is extremely important to use proper keywords because when an individual searches for content and if your Ad wording is relevant to the title of the content then it is likely that your ad will pop up.

Ensure Quality Keyword Combination:
Just combining a bunch of words that have no meaning and sounds gibberish will not prompt users to click as a result the CTR count will not increase either. And aim for good ads that focus on one service or one product because these ads are more specific. This way the ads will not be all over the place.
Usually, if a page has several irrelevant ads scattered here and there the user will not be able to focus on one ad and those all other ads will render useless. By having a quality Ad with proper ads the customer can be targeted properly. The customer will be able to trust the source more easily. Ensuring this will allow the developer to increase their score subsequently.

Precise Ad Groups:
Quality over quantity and that is true for increasing your score as well. Just by adding random words to fill up the recommended quota of 15 words in a group will not ensure a good ad group and won’t increase your score. Ad groups that have too many words in spite of being relevant are very difficult to run because they match to several other contents and hence will not reach to the proper audience and will be a waste of money in the long run. So it is a good approach to make ad groups of 10 word that relevant and will be more effective.
This might seem like a piece of bad advice to some people as adding a more pertinent word in the same group sounds more effective, but no, keeping ad groups small and precise and by making a separate campaign the audience can be targeted properly and it will eventually reduce the total cost to put up ads.

An Attractive Landing Page:
We all know first impressions matter and so if a customer visits a page and the first page which is usually where the customer will land when they click on the ad, is not attractive and is not able to hold the customers’ information then spending on that ad is practically useless.
There are ways to improve the first page and analyze what is wrong and how to fix the issue. By using these tools the developer will be able to optimize the website on a whole and know where to place each ad group. This will increase the activity of the page and eventually the CTR of the content will also increase. Customers will be more drawn towards the topic as they will be prompted by relevant keyword and overall engagement will get a boost.
The developer should make sure that the first page the ad will prompt too is not very large and does not lag so that the customers can fully comprehend the page. If loaded.

Counterproductive Keywords:
You may be thinking how using counterproductive keyword will be helpful in increasing your score as it will basically divert customer away from your ad. Well, the point of having relevant words is not to generate as many clicks, it is to attract customers who are looking for similar product or service and if uninterested customers are attracted they might jam the signal and the developer maybe lose potential customers. That is why using negative keywords can be used to divert or block customers who aren’t seeking said product. Doing so will increase the CTR as well.

Wider Text Ads:
It won’t always be possible to keep the Ad group small. In cases where the group becomes too big, it will take time to run and this is where a wider text ad feature will come in handy. This allows the developer to run longer keywords and also provides a bigger space. By being able to run a longer ad group you can increase your chance at better relevancy and thus target more audience.

Knowing these factors and knowing where to improve will allow the developer to properly optimize their content and ads. They will know about CTR boost and how to properly make campaigns and effective keywords. This will ultimately engage the customers more and will generate more buzz and thus the developer will be able to increase their quality score effectively and conveniently.