According to McKinsey & Company, 2013 is set to be a huge year for businesses and their data. The biggest area set to grow from all of that data is customer relationship management (CRM), with insights, better targeting, and an overall better approach to keeping loyal customers. In fact, McKinsey & Company polled businesses in the United States in April and concluded that CRM should be the highest priority, at 60 percent. Currently, only about 40 percent of businesses use their data for targeting and customer insights. So, what does that mean for content marketers?

Content marketing can benefit from heightened focus by creating better segmented demographics, highly personalized content, and creating a memorable experience for the user to become a buyer. However, focus also means being able to go through all of that data to find the perfect pieces to create meaningful content marketing strategies. That ultimately means that information gathering will need to improve.

Besides segmentation, reworking budgets and strategies are two more big areas on which McKinsey & Company believes businesses need to focus their big data efforts, at 36 and 40 percent, respectively. Content marketing budgets are set to rise in 2013 as well, according to Content Marketing Institute. Regardless, 2013 is set to be a big year for both content marketers and Big Data.