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Well folks some more interesting insight has come out from the SMX West Coast event and it appears that Google still highly values links which is of course no surprise.  What really stands out from this news that is that QUALITY CONTENT is KING.  Hence, quality links are the ones that truly matter and help to edge your rank up.

So as your business is growing, your blog audience starts to inch up and customers start to creep in, I would not recommend hooking your site or linking your site in a desperate fashion right off the bat just to gain links.  I see a lot of small businesses do this and hey let’s admit it a lot of us do this in Social Media because we want our friends or likes list to appear big and healthy.  Have faith that Quality Links will come in time and remember that if your are creating value for your customers whether it be online or offline, people will come.  Anyway, to learn more about link building Do’s and Don’ts please view this info below from Google’s Matt Cutts.  It’s valuable!

Eric Enge has published an interview with Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam about link building and what is wrong with how SEOs do it today.  In short, Matt Cutts would love a world where link builders thought first about the content or web site and why that web site is worthy of a link, versus first being concerned about getting links. The two discuss if link building is legal or illegal, if press releases should be used for link building, the problem with content syndication, guest blogging – plus much much more.

Here are some key takeaways from the interview, but make sure to read the full interview over here.

  • Link Building Is Not Bad: Just don’t try to get the link first, have compelling content people want to link to instead.
  • Press Releases Links: They still “probably not count” but your goal should not be the link but the exposure the press release gives you to editors who may read them and cover your story.
  • Content Syndication: If your content is being syndicated on other sites, give Google signals to know you are the original source. Make sure you publish well before others, possibly use rel=canonical, link to main source of content, and maybe use authorship.
  • Problem With Guest Posts: A large number of people are doing it the wrong way, guest posts have become more like article directories or article banks these days.
  • Links: Links are still “the best way” to rank content.

This interview was conducted in person between Eric Enge and Matt Cutts while at SMX Advanced 2013 a few weeks ago.  (This post came from SearchEngineLand’s article Google’s Matt Cutts On Why Links Still Rule & How SEOs Go Wrong In Getting Them    July 10, 2013 by )


seo link building tips