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Link Building Tips From The Pros

  Well folks some more interesting insight has come out from the SMX West Coast event and it appears that Google still highly values links which is of course no surprise.  What really stands out from this news that is that QUALITY CONTENT is KING.  Hence, quality links are the ones that truly matter and help ... Read more

New Era of “Not Provided”- So What Really Matters in Online Marketing Today?

This past week there has been an uproar in the SEO world as Google has pretty much dropped basic organic keyword referral insights from its Analytics Tool.  "WHY are they doing this to us!!", has pretty much been the main reaction, but the truth is that this has been coming for a while.  There have ... Read more

Google’s New Keyword Planner Tutorial

  Last month, Google quietly began rolling out the AdWords Keyword Planner to select AdWords accounts last month. In typical AdWords fashion, one of the biggest overhauls of the Google Keyword Tool ever went almost unnoticed!   This new keyword tool combines elements of two existing keyword tools, the Google Keyword Tool and the AdWords Traffic Estimator, adding a more structured ... Read more

Best & Worst Ways to Impact Local Search Results

The vast majority of local businesses out there – even those heavily invested in digital and mobile marketing – are constantly looking for insights on how they can improve their placements in Google’s search engine results. While there’s plenty of advice available on specific tactics ranging from leveraging keywords and linking to boosting reviews and Facebook ... Read more

Product Marketing Lessons from the Gas Station

          With summer coming to a close in the next few weeks and the last big vacation weekend on the horizon, Labor Day (funny enough), there is still time for a few lasts splashes and kicks in the sand.  So as travel via the sky has become about as much fun as wet bread due to ... Read more