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OK, I am going to share with you a little local seo trick or hack as they say now to improve your local seo rank. I will use the city of Boston for this example since we are based here and most of our audience is too. I hope this helps you improve your local SEO rank.

I really kinda stumbled into this local seo trick about five or six years ago when we were doing local seo for a local landscaper. When we brought this client on we did an seo audit as we usually do which basically consists of utilizing a crawl tool that mimics Google’s crawlers to basically see the health of their site (broken links, title tags missing or the copy is too long, etc.) We also do a lot of competitive research by analyzing their competitor’s links and of course take a deep dive into their Google analytics and search console data (in case you were wondering).

So as I was collecting data on this client’s search rank for some of their top towns, I noticed that one town in particular ranked very well, #1. I also noticed a pattern that existed in the page’s content that I had a feeling was most likely contributing to this page’s great local rank. I will provide an example below to see if you can spot the content trick:


Example from the local town page:


Boston Local SEO Service – Ready to Improve Your Company’s Local Boston SEO Rank and Get Better Results?

Here are some testimonials from some of our local Boston clients:

“We signed up for Auctus Marketing’s local SEO to improve our search rank in the Boston area and we have been truly amazed with the results. Of course we realize that the local Boston SEO market is very competitive and we were really just thinking that we would most likely get some modest success, but Christian and his team really outperformed our expectations. Our local Boston SEO rank for our top keywords is on page #1 and we get more quality traffic and leads now. Thanks Auctus! – Jim C., CEO of local Boston Saas Start-up

“A friend of mine recommended that we reach out to Auctus Marketing, since they had a positive experience and greatly improved their local Boston SEO rankings. We were really impressed with the level of professionalism exerted and the level of research that is conducted by the Auctus team. They really dug deep to help us understand our local seo rank in the Boston area and how we could improve our Boston SEO rank. Their team laid out their local seo plan for us in a way that was very easy for us to understand which was very helpful since I am not a local seo pro. We have been more than satisfied with their local seo service and if you are a company in the Boston area that is looking to improve it’s local Boston SEO rank, give these guys a holler.” – Peter B., Founder of local Boston IT Staffing Company

“Christian and his team at Auctus Marketing really helped us improve our local seo rank in Boston. My company has been in business for over 10 years, but we really did little in the way of digital marketing over this time. Our business has been running fine, but over the past few years we recognized it was time to get some outside marketing help to help us improve our local Boston search rank seo and our overall digital marketing game. Working with Christian and his team was awesome. He is so knowledgable, friendly and communicates so clearly which is really helpful for a company like ours. His local Boston SEO advice and service was exactly what we needed and our local Boston SEO rank has improved immensely. We highly recommend him if you are looking to give your local Boston seo game a boost.” – Taylor D. CMO of local Boston Law Firm


See any patterns from the above content? And please excuse the self-praise lol, we are just showing an example and I suppose we needed the ego boost today;) Anyway, it’s clear to see that certain keywords were sprinkled into each testimonial. So here is how you can use this to your advantage to help you improve your “local Boston SEO” rank, hint, hint.

Give it a try on one of your local town pages and see if it helps to improve your local SEO rank.


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