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It is more important than ever to have an optimized website for both PCs and smartphones. If you are not utilizing your click-thru-rate (CTR), creating a fast responsive site, optimizing your site for mobile phones, and focusing on high quality natural links, you are most likely losing thousands of potential customers and sales to your competition.


As most of you already know, CTR is a highly effective metric used to ascertain whether or not an ad placed online is successful. Basically, the click-through-rate informs you of the number of people who are clicking on your ad compared to the number of people who see your ad on a webpage and do nothing. This metric is extremely important to be able to maximize the effectiveness of your online advertising. With CTR results, you will be able to determine any changes that need to be made such as whether or not you are advertising on the best web pages possible or whether or not you are reaching and engaging your target demographics. If you analyze your CTR, you will save money on advertising and increase sales by selecting the right pages on which to advertise with the right demographic traffic.

CTR can also be measured from organic search. For example, one can calculate the number of total clicks to a website for a certain keyword phrase divided by the total number of organic searches for those keywords. Google actually provides this data thankfully in your Search Console in your Webmaster Tools. If you log in and go to your Search Analytics under Search Traffic in your Console you will find some very helpful data about your website.

google search analytics ctr

For example, here you can see the Queries that searchers used which put your site in the search results and you can even see the number of times a searcher clicked on your site. Hence, you can also see the CTR from the table of data as long as you select. You can also alter the data range for the timeframe you desire. Please note though that it will only provide the last 90 days of data.

As a site owner, it’s very helpful to understand which of your search queries you need to improve upon and this data clearly shows you this as well as it can also provide you with some search terms that might not have even been on your radar. So BE SURE to check this data fairly frequently. Of course you will see a positive correlation between a high search rank for a keyword phrase and a high CTR for those words. If you think about this, it makes total sense as Google wants to provide the best possible search results to its users, and typically the top search results are the best or most useful to searchers. Therefore, they will also have a higher CTR than sites with lower search rank. So knowing your CTR for organic search is vital these days as a site owner.

Fast & Responsive Website

A fast responsive website is imperative for any business to be able to retain and engage customers, as well as to maximize customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Site speed is an essential component to sales and profitability. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, the ever-impatient consumer will simply leave your website and look for the items or services they seek from a competitor with a much faster website. The same is true of designing a responsive website. If you have a website that is designed to adjust to any screen size, you never have to worry about distorting valuable information and losing strategic designs on any platform or device such as tablets and smartphones. Poorly designed websites with poor responsiveness lose a significant amount of business because their website does not read well on multiple platforms and screen sizes.

Mobile Website Optimization

It is more important than ever before to create a mobile-friendly website. More and more people every day are using their smartphones and their tablets as a primary source for Internet searches and online shopping. People are also using these mobile devices to stream videos and as their primary source of communication. Any business that does not optimize their website to be user friendly for both PCs and mobile devices will lose business. Such sites must be fast, clean, simply, easy to navigate, attractive, and usable on any mobile device and screen size. Successful implementation of such websites increase brand engagement and increase conversions, both of which lead to greater sales and long-term sustainability.

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High Quality Links

Nearly all experts agree that link building is another essential component to maximizing conversions and increasing traffic. The challenge begins with determining which links are the most ideal for your site. By selecting the best links, you will improve your page rankings and your online reputation. Be sure to select links that are from reputable sources and companies and individuals seen as industry leaders. You do not want to add any links to spam or improper sites as this could have enormous negative ramifications to your rankings and reputation. Quality links will also help build your brand and alert search engines that you are a trustworthy site that should appear at the top of search results.

Companies that wish to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions must analyze their click-through-rate, create a fast responsive site that is usable on all platforms and screen sizes, and focus on quality links. If you follow these critical online best practices, you are far more likely to remain ahead of the competition and establish long-term sustainability.