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It’s critical that your business has an effective online presence in today’s marketing world to move ahead and stay ahead of your competitors. Social media and social media marketing have evolved into a key component of that marketing world – but if you’re new to social media services, don’t worry. We can provide all the assistance you need with campaigns, advertising and more.

Our social media experts stay up to date with the dynamics of the ever-changing world of social media, ensuring that your brand is out there and making an impression on users in your target audience. We deliver the results your business is looking for and the customer experiences your audience needs.

Whether your company is looking for management of or help with anything from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest, LinkedIn, page set-up or tactics, Auctus Marketing can help.

Boston Social Media Marketing Services

Auctus Marketing expertly provides several offerings as part of our clients’ social media services, including ongoing brand management, social promotions and contests, paid social media ads, and social media consulting.

Ongoing Brand Management: When your brand is attainable on the Internet for your customers, that means customers are talking about your company 24/7; the Internet never sleeps. When posts go up on social media, your brand needs to be there to respond, and Auctus communication experts are there not only to answer, but also to create ongoing conversations with your target audience.

Social Promotions: If you’re interested in engaging customers, earning “Likes” and building a following, using social promotions and contests is a great way to do it. We have a dedicated team to research and find your target audience and engage them with promotions they want to participate in. Did you know that studies indicate that brands that engage in this type of activity can see growth of more than 250%? Talk to us to get started today!

Paid Social Media Ads: One of the most effective and powerful marketing tools today is using paid social media ads, which allows you to reach a specific type of social media user with targeted advertisements. These advertisements are specific by location, interests, “Likes”, demographics, and more. Your company can harness this type of data to effectively reach a targeted audience, strengthen your brand and online presence, engage prospective customers, and keep current customers interested. Auctus Marketing can help you leverage paid ads on social media sites to build your business.

Social Media Consulting: Your brand needs a unique voice, and some companies require one that can only be communicated by someone within your team. If this sounds like your business, Auctus Marketing can still help. There are many brands that just need guidance in order to get the most from their social media marketing campaigns, and we are experts in providing that guidance.

Auctus Marketing is committed to helping your business grow. If you’re ready to enhance your social media marketing campaign and want the best experts in the industry on your side, contact our team today for the most effective online marketing services available.