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If Content Marketing is King, then What’s the Queen?

So we are all familiar with the saying these days in the online marketing world that "Content is King", and if you are not, well then you better get up to speed very quick.  Obviously, the big driver for this is: internet adoption rates in the US surpassing 60% (Pew Research), online media consumption trends ... Read more

Effective Keyword Strategy & Use For Great SEO Results

As any solid SEO strategist knows, an effective content marketing strategy involves a lot of keyword research.  In fact, content marketing really commences with keyword research as it serves as the foundation & backbone for all your campaigns.  Of course your brand and your products would serve as the nucleus beneath this research. So what's ... Read more

The Best Free Marketing Tool You Don’t Use

As an online marketing professional who helps companies with their online marketing needs (SEO, social media, mobile marketing, etc.), I have noticed an interesting and somewhat alarming trend in the online marketing world.  I have found over the years that my clients for the most part consistently do not take advantage of Google's Webmaster Tools.  ... Read more

4 Questions Every Ecommerce Company Must Answer

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Ross Beyler, the head of Growth Spark in Cambridge, and he shared with me his thoughts on how companies in today's online world can be successful.  What I liked about his philosophy is that it is very simple to employ for any online company that wants to increase ... Read more

Google Penalties: Quick Overview

  I found myself scrolling through some notes that i had taken the other day with client and it reminded me of how little a lot of us really know about Google's penalty system.  I have had many discussions with various clients and people that i meet at conferences about how Google essentially keeps a scorecard ... Read more