Zen techniques the fresh new MC, that is now their director, and you will professes their want to this lady

Zen ends up his speech from the deciding to combine his personal lives with his professional community, as he no more desires to mask his earlier and accepts who he or she is today.

The guy helps to make the stunning choice to introduce the ball player as the their girlfriend because the a last report so you can his sexual life, and you chatroulette search can asks her to come up onto the phase, in which the guy professes his commitment to help you the girl

  1. Effectively get to the 11th Time within the Zen’s channel.
  2. The player need to have ten or maybe more letters from site visitors having ‘Completed’ status.

Summary : Two years later, at Jumin’s penthouse, Jaehee is concerned about the whereabouts of Seven and V, but Jumin is too engrossed in his old television to be concerned. The two watch an interview on Celebrity A! News, where Echo Girl and Zen discuss their new roles for a period drama the two are starring together. Echo Girl is flustered when the reporter asks her about the scandal, and is struggling to maintain her image, while Zen has become a successful actor, with his soundtrack albums topping the music charts.

The guy makes the surprising decision to introduce the gamer as his partner while the a final report to help you their sex life, and requires her to come upwards on the phase, in which the guy professes their determination in order to the woman

  1. Get Zen’s A good Finish.
  2. Invest 20 hourglasses to unlock the newest Shortly after Stop.

Jaehee’s Station

For lots more detailed station book and meanings of one’s endings for your needs thru Jaehee’s station, discover Jaehee Kang/Station Tips and you can Jaehee Kang/Endings.

The guy makes the surprising choice introducing the gamer since their partner because the a final declaration to help you their love life, and you will asks their in the future up onto the phase, in which the guy professes their dedication in order to the woman

  1. Receive Jaehee’s station inside Informal Facts regarding first Date in order to new fourth Big date.
  2. Effectively get to the 11th Go out into the Jaehee’s route.
  3. The player should have less than 10 characters of tourist which have “Completed” reputation.

Crappy Tale Ending 1 Summation : Seven comes to Rika’s apartment to take the player to Zen’s house. When they arrive at Zen’s place, Zen doesn’t seem to open the door nor take Seven’s calls since his phone is off. Zen finally opens the door and meets the player. Seven then leaves after explaining it’s V’s orders and it’s easier to protect them both. Zen later asks the player if she thinks of him more than just a friend.

Regarding the chatroom Jumin says to Jaehee that his father might give over another project besides the coffee one. She expectations he had refused but according to him the guy did not turn it off for most causes. Jumin upcoming announces what’s promising, Jaehee try expecting a holiday however, the guy just intentions to place a convenience store for the first-floor of your own office building given that nearest convenience store was 300m off the strengthening. She acts happier until he departs then happens off-line immediately after this lady gloomy responses. Yoosung goes into the fresh chatroom and you will pities their immediately after understanding the past dialogue. The guy feedback that he is scared of providing a position now and you can really wants to live in the world of LOLOL, and simply leaves immediately.

36 months afterwards, Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee and also the user commemorate Jaehee’s other spend increase during the Zen’s flat. Jaehee are feeling sick which makes them proper care the girl. Zen desires compliment the woman however, he says you to she’s including buying and selling the girl wellness for money. He advices her to begin with viewing some one and just have hitched but Yoosung asks your when the the guy just desires them to be envious as the guy therefore the athlete become life along with her pursuing the nights she visited their family. Zen observes the ball player one to she doesn’t browse happy due to Jaehee. Jaehee says to their one to she doesn’t have to be concerned as well as the very least feel happy you to definitely this lady has Zen on her front. She really wants to chat alot more together however, she’s got in order to leave provide them confidentiality and you may she still has some things to undertake. She just wishes on her pleasure.