The latest company of Terry Andrews was to means up and manufacture low-cost steel clocks

Samuel Terry stretched a home loan for your land to Terry Andrews that was payable ten years from go out, just interest due yearly

Typically, Ansonia Clock Company didn’t have their sources in Ansonia, the Connecticut area and it was called, many 35 kilometers northeast when you look at the fantastic clockmaking town of Bristol. In 1841, Theodore Terry, nephew of Eli Terry the guy who had started the make of affordable clocks in the 1st ten years from the nineteenth millennium, created a partnership with one Franklin C. Andrews.

On August 13, 1841, Theodore Terry of Bristol and Franklin C. Andrews of the latest York bought two parcels of secure, one observed “. being the exact same soil my sawmill stood another building that has been burnt. ” from Theodore’s father, retired clockmaker Samuel Terry, for $3,. III A history of clockmaking posted during the Bristol Herald in 1890 observed “. In 1841, the factory developed by Samuel Terry around the rolling-mill dam, was actually used up while occupied by Ray Carpenter generating ‘OG’ problems and Terry Andrews producing activities. Mr. Terry established the shop once again and it also had been filled by Theodore Terry and Franklin Andrews, within the organization title of Terry Andrews.”

During the rest of 1840’s the Terry Andrews businesses prospered and 30xhour and 8xday spring driven sizes were added to the type of 30-hour weight-driven clocks. Following deterioration of this Chauncey Jerome plant in 1845 and Jerome’s consequent removal of the remainder of their business to brand new destination, Conn., Terry Andrews turned the largest time clock brands in Bristol. In Summer of 1850, they reported $50,000 invested in capital, are using 58 palms together with created about 25,000 clocks, respected at $75,000, in the last one year. One report on Bristol companies in 1850 noted Terry Andrews “are called as safe a firm as any in town, pay well, you can rely on all of them they request. . .”

However, concerning this time Anson G. Phelps, a rich industrialist from ny which managed huge foundry functions at Birmingham (today Derby), CT, convinced Terry Andrews to go away Bristol and turn into partners along with his foundry procedures.

By 1850, Terry Andrews was actually annually using 58 a great deal of brass, so it is not surprising that Theodore Terry was actually one of the Bristol clockmakers who had been incorporators associated with Bristol Brass Clock providers in April, 1850 and subscribed for 266 stocks, an investment of $6

Terry Andrews paid-up their mortgage to Samuel Terry on April 13, 1850 and on the subsequent May 1lth ended up selling half interest in their company to Anson G. Phelps for $7,200 Two months after Theodore Terry offered their whole curiosity about the Bristol metal time clock providers, most likely marking him “traitor” to the other people buyers.

On 7,1850, Anson G. Phelps, Theodore Terry and Franklin C. Andrews created a joint stock company known as the “Ansonia time clock organization” for the produce and deal of clocks, moves and connected wares. Some $100,000 capital ended up being licensed with 4,000 percentage ended up selling at $25 each. Phelps used controlling interest with 1,334 offers while Terry and Andrews conducted 1,333 each. Theodore Terry is plumped for President along with his boy Hubbell P. Terry turned assistant. The brand new area, Ansonia, was a village into the area of Derby, CT which Anson Phelps had named after themselves.

The organization fundamentally utilized a two-story plant your time clock business which had been in use by January of 1851, though Phelps didn’t promote the house on the team and lease all of them water legal rights until April 12th of this seasons. This land is mentioned to be throughout the northwest comer of much where also endured a stone plant had by Phelps, which had been employed by the Jerome production organization of New Haven.