Lord Farquaad is one tyrannical dictator that will do just about anything to be the right master of Duloc

Game Appearances

In Shrek 2: The game Computer adaptation, without physically seems in the games, Farquaad’s face is observed on an exercise dummy that Shrek utilizes to train combat.


He has got no issue with creating Gingy punished and maimed, serenely seeing Thelonius dunk Gingy in one glass of dairy. The guy doesn’t seem to care about the wellness of his anyone, while he freely acknowledges their desire to chance the physical lives of most of his own knights to rescue Fiona in order for the guy does not have to. Though the guy finds Fiona gorgeous, their selection to wed her are strictly off a hunger for power. The full extent of their callousness was disclosed towards the movie, when he threatens to possess Shrek drawn and quartered for no cause in order to lock Fiona back into this lady tower forever.

Their fixation over “perfection”, his should be king with his quick prominence demonstrates one which has severe self-esteem issues. Farquaad overcompensates for their brief prominence by being domineering and regulating. In order, other samples of this entail: The towering peak of palace Duloc, the numerous statues and murals of himself around Duloc, and his awesome grave which portrays your lifted above Dragon. When Gingy calls your a monster, Farquaad dismisses this and claims that it is the fairytale creatures that are the monsters. Despite finding fairytale animals are a blight upon their perfect world, he’s no problem marrying a princess from a fairytale to be master. Even though he says that their aim will be making Duloc best, he does not see his or her own shortness as an issue for this “perfection” in addition to that.

Despite those attributes, the guy continues to be correct to his word, confirmed by simple fact that the guy fulfilled the pledge of giving Shrek the action to their swamp back once again as soon as Shrek delivered Fiona to your. But dating married man in Chicago he was nevertheless most ill-mannered, discourteous, never expressed their gratitude towards Shrek or Donkey, and completely grabbed all credit score rating the rescue. He or she is a specialist administrative figure, utilizing the city of Duloc thriving under their rule. While doing so he or she is not to favored by his citizens, because they start to clap and cheer on Shrek during competition and pleasant him back when he disturbs the wedding immediately. They do not proper care much about Farquaad’s demise, some actually chuckling and cheering.

Tiny else is known about him during the film, though the (non-canon) musical delved deeper into their last and his hatred towards fairytale animals. In this type, the guy spends much of his time in the torture chamber, playing video gaming on miracle Mirror, sipping products while getting a bath, and loves putting on an elaborate musical wide variety whenever energy concerns find the knight to rescue Fiona. Their back-up performers discuss that he’s skilled in dancing, though he will torture anyone who can make an individual mistake for the program. Obviously, they have enforced a dress code also, as every citizens become dressed up such as the dolls from “Thanks for visiting Duloc” so as to make his kingdom much more his way.

The guy moves with Fiona returning to Duloc and eagerly prepares themselves the event. Fiona actually as well excited with her brand new bridegroom, though Farquaad doesn’t apparently discover if not worry. In the marriage, in the same manner Farquaad and Fiona go for about to kiss, Shrek bursts in to target to the relationships. Shrek confesses their thinking to Fiona and tells this lady that the best need Farquaad was marrying their is really he may become king. Farquaad declines his genuine motives and laughs at the thought of an ogre dropping crazy about a princess, and contains Thelonious fast the crowd to laugh with him. But whenever sunrays beings setting, Fiona shows her curse (which the Mirror experimented with warn your about) and transforms into an ogre.