Into the “Too-old,” Princess Bubblegum says to Finn one to she enjoys Jake

Princess Bubblegum

Jake are extremely aware of Finn’s earlier in the day smash into the Little princess Bubblegum, so Little princess Bubblegum and you will Jake enjoys an extremely strange relationships. He or she is friends, although. Jake and you will Princess Bubblegum barely communicate with each other, in “Incendium,” Little princess Bubblegum calls your “puppy” inside the a nice, kid voice even enabling him other people his at once the girl lap, plus in the fresh event “Ricardio one’s heart Man” Jake and Princess Bubblegum mocked Finn’s fascination with Princess Bubblegum. Into the “Princess Cookie,” Jake reported that he hated their as the guy consider it was unjust one to Little princess Bubblegum didn’t help him end up being a great mailman making him be an excellent milkman, though it is possible he was just stating which to help you stands Baby-Snaps. For the “Consuming Reasonable,” Jake misinterprets Princess Bubblegum’s attempts during the remaining Fire Princess secure due to the fact envy, if in case she output once more seeking Finn, Jake intensely berates the woman to possess ultimately causing Finn a whole lot mental aches as well as for being an excellent “heartless monster.” After stabilizing Fire Little princess, Jake observes Bubblegum’s response to Finn and you will Flame Princess’ “kiss” (each making out a rock in order to represent making out each other) and you can mocks the woman to be jealous, only for Little princess Bubblegum to tell your to shut right up. Within the “A problem was a problem”, shortly after Finn and you will Jake disgusted the virus and you can returned to the fresh new chocolate empire, Little princess Bubblegum and you may Jake and Princess Bubblegum’s give claim that they missed both.

Mr. Cupcake

Jake and you may Mr. Cupcake share a really strained relationship. Jake is worried one Mr. Cupcake needs Girls out-of your, very the guy hinders your quite often. On episode “Date Sandwich,” it is shown you to definitely Jake areas Mr. Cupcake and you will attempts to be like your in a few regions of his life. It is extremely shown that when Jake were to pass away, he would want Mr. Cupcake to provide for Lady in addition to their kids, demonstrating a-deep trust and value for Mr. Cupcake.

Forest Trunks

Jake and you will Forest Trunks express a near relationship, that is exactly like a granny-grandson relationship. It is found more often than not, although there was a situation on episode “Forest Trunks” when she kissed him from time to time making sure that however assist the woman help Finn.

Jake searched after with lip stick scratches around his deal with, and then he was smiling. Later, Forest Trunks tells Finn one she’s going to deal with their apology (Finn had earlier yelled in the her) if the he would let her kiss his cheek.

Finn was about in order to decline the offer when Jake states “Whoa, let her kiss their cheek, child! It’s an excellent immediately after-in-a-lives chance!” Apart from so it, there aren’t any references from an impractical partnership anywhere between Jake and you may Tree Trunks, even though they are still close friends. He encouraged the woman link to Mr. Pig and played his viola at the their matrimony.


On event “His Champion,” Jake mentioned he previously a key crush toward Billy. When they satisfy, Jake have stating “I love you, Billy!” Jake seemingly have great value for Billy. He stop his “violent” technique for rescuing somebody and you will already been protecting members of a very pacifistic means once the Billy believe it actually was the proper way, no matter if Finn second thoughts they. Within the “Billy’s Container Checklist,” it is indicated that Jake is in assertion from the Billy’s passing.


Prismo and Jake come hanging out with her since occurrence “Jake canine.” They became brief nearest and dearest and you can Jake ranked Prismo since “A strong no. 3 to my cool guys number.” Jake provides clinging with Prismo, however, ensures that Prismo requires a partner since the he or she is very alone. At the end of brand new event, Prismo states he would like to go out with Jake alot more in the future. Their good feeling of friendship is actually shown in “Wake up” whenever Prismo was happy to throw in the towel his life under control for Finn and Jake to enter the brand new Amazingly Citadel. Jake managed to revive Prismo from inside the “Is you?” due to their solid “cousin bond,” are willing to make it a different version of themselves to sleep forever to save Prismo’s awareness real time.