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Is Your Service Remarkably Good or Bad?

When was the last time you had really great service or even poor service?  I was thinking about this earlier today when I pulled into a full service gas station which I rarely do.  Anyway, the gentleman was cordial and asked what type of gas and if he should fill it up and the transaction ... Read more

Selling in an Online World- The New Art of Listening

Anyone remember their first sale? Isn't kind of remarkable how much has changed in the past decade and some. Back in my early to mid twenties, I had a laptop for sales presentations and I used to have to dial in with a phone cord to access the snail like internet back then for on ... Read more

All You Need for Mobile SEO

The Definitive Guide To Technical Mobile SEO At SMX Advanced, I moderated a panel about technical SEO. Google’s Maile Ohye spoke about SEO best practices for technical implementation of mobile sites based on how Google crawls, indexed, and ranks mobile content and presents it to searchers on mobile devices. She also talked about Google’s recent announcement ... Read more

New Era of “Not Provided”- So What Really Matters in Online Marketing Today?

This past week there has been an uproar in the SEO world as Google has pretty much dropped basic organic keyword referral insights from its Analytics Tool.  "WHY are they doing this to us!!", has pretty much been the main reaction, but the truth is that this has been coming for a while.  There have ... Read more

Google’s New Mobile Guidelines- Speed is a Factor

If you have not heard about this, then please read this note below straight from SearchEngineLand.  It essentially highlights how the loading speed of a mobile site is important to Google.  As most of us SEOs already know, a site's loading speed is a factor in seo rank, so now it appears that the same ... Read more